DRAWING 1 – Detail project Observation – P. 55-63

Drawing lines

This exercice was not, at first, easy for me as I one of my difficulties is not to go on details and to really understand what I have to draws….so I first try differernt kind of lines and points. What was quite surprising is that finally I found it very nice.

lines and dots

lines and dots

For this exercice (A4) below, I used first a pencil and then a ballpoint. I did not do some draft and I can say that this is one of my problem. I first lightly draw and then directly start with the drawing. I normally take the drawing several hours later or the next day and fix the things that bother me ! With this kind of excercice, I am learning to let the draw live….I do not go inside details….

Ballpoint and pencil were used


Check and Log

Which drawing media did I find most effective to use, for which effect ?

For me, one of the most effective tools is the pencil and my fingers. Indeed, I really like to work with different mines such as dry or very “fat”. Using then my fingers allows me to feel exactly what I am trying to draw!

The charcoal is, in my point of view harder but allows to draw on larger surfaces. Indeed, as pencils are often considered reliable and precise, charcoal, on the other hand is much darker but versatile.

Ballpoint pen is quite funny and easy to use. It slides very easely…

The marker pens are great for large and simple designs but can make “blocks” and do not really allow to work under the shadows.

Oil pastel does not really allow to be precised, I need to work a bit more with this tools…

What sort of marks work well to create tone, patterne and texture ?

I appreciate the featureless or straight lines. Points appeal less to me than lines. I also like to work with lines and fat pencils to create tones. Charcoal is good to create tones but again versatile.

Did I enjoy capturing details or am I more at home creating big broad brush sketches?

It depends of my state of mind….but most of the time I love to be concentrated on details. I really have to learn to let my hand goes… for me it’s a great challenge, believe me !


Exercice – Still Life

I do not know if a beetle is a “still life” but when I saw this one, I thought I could draw it. I used coloured pencils, charcoal and black pencils.

Exercice – Still Life group using line

I used coloured pencils. I try to work first the shadow and to built then different drawings. For some of them I started with the negative space which hekp me to create the forms and the right place.

Still life – group in tone

Exercice – Still life group in tone

I used coloured pen and white oil pastel to try to create the light

Still Life – fruits and vegetable in colour

Drawing fruit and vegetables in coloured

For this one drawn on A4, I used oil pastel first and then coloured pencils. In fact It’s a mixture of both as the oil pastel was not enough precise, I finished with the coloured. I have observed that I am more accuracy, I see more the line which does not fit or the form. The day after I normally correct the drawing…..

Exercice – using markers or dip pen

On this exercice I had, first to draw fruits in different compositions and combination of colour. I started fisrt with a pencil to better know the fruits I choosed to draw….


Still life – Using markers or dip pens – draft


Still life – using markers and dip pens – draft

And then I started to use ink. I am not a big fan of ink as this is really unpredictable. Indeed, the colour is never the same and does not react as you think it will react ! I need to find the best way to use this media… I use the primary colors and then mixed them to obtain the colour I want…I am not happy with the result as I think it’s too bland and not “alive”. I guess I will have to work more on this exercice…..

Still liffe – using markers and dip pens – A4 _ ink

I decided to do some other drawings…


Drawing fruits and vegetables in coloured ink
green apples

For this one I used ink pens and lines. The blue backround is pastel oil.

Drawing fruits and vegetables using markers or dip pens, A4

Drawing using pastel oil

I have loved doing this one. I used pastel oil expected for the shade. Indeed, I used charcoal as I think it’s better and softer. It’s on A3 paper

Pastel oil, nuts, A3

Drawing plants and flowers, negative space in a plant, draft

For this one, I started to drw than I stopped and carefully looked at the form as I wasnot really happy with the result. Than I started again and this time really drawn the negative space and not the form.

This is A4 format

Drawing plants and flowers, negative space in a plant, draft

Finally I discovered that I like this kind of drawing. I already used it when drawing still life but this time I really enjoy it !

A3 format

Flowers, negative space, A3

Drawing  using every tools

In this exercice I had to draw using many tools such as oil pastel, ink, dip pen, pencil, etc….

I did not like the first drawing…..

Used: oil pastel, water pens, ink

So I draw another one wher I was more free, not so much under control ….

Used : ink, oil pastel, coloured pencils, water pencils

and then I did a third one where, this time, I really let my hand go and I start drawing flowers with oil pastel without thinking. I than used ink and oil pastel again….

Used: oil pastel, ink, oil pastel


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