DRAWING 1 – Grabbing the chance – fish on a plate – check & Log

What was the main challenges of drawing animals ?

The “moving” obviously….. Indeed, you cannot stand on the fact that the animal will stay without moving so you have to register the animal and sometimes to drwy by what you believe it’s correct

Which media did I enjoy using most and which you feel were the best for the subject matter and why?

When you “only” draw a draft, pencils are the best as it’s an easy way to draw. But if you go deeper inside your drawing and want to go into details, I believe the “oil” is the best ’cause you really can do the shape and in color gradient and take your time. Pastel or charcoal can be used but the result will be more fuzzy. I guess it depends what effects you want to give to your drawing.

On the drawing below, I used “water pens”

whereas on the one below again, I used colour pencils and pastel oil, the difference is, in my opinion, more precise, more delicate. The drawing above is more “naive” but in the same time, the lines are directs and cannot be corrected….

Where can I go to draw more animals ?

Zoos would be a great place to draw more animals or outside in the countryside. I get a spider and put it on a glass. It was not moving….but when I let it go, I would not be able to draw it, moving too fast!

I did not try to draw a moving animal but I believe you need to have a “drawing memory” and someting to improvise your animals and imagine how they are!


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