Drawing 1 – Research – Georges Stubbs

Georges Stubbs (1724-1860)

Mediums: Oil and pencil
Subjects: Horses, mainly dogs but others animals as well, hunting scene
Art Movement: RomanticisM
influence: Anatomy ….
Hometown: United Kingdom

Amazing…..it’s the first word that came to my mind!!

Stubbs who was called “Mr Stubbs the horse painter”, has been underestimated for a very long time but now, he’s recognized as equal of his contemporaries such as Gainsborough and Reynolds.

Stubbs is just unique whether the subject is a mare and her foal….

a monkey, a poodle or even when painting a portrait but where he’s remarkable is in the anatomy of a horse…

George Stubbs studied the anatomy of horses from 1756 to 1758 in Lincolnshire and executed designs for a book on horse anatomy, published in 1766 and which he himself engraved boards. It is said that his work is among the most accurate ever painted…

And I believe it !

Stubbs studied first horses anatomy to, then, draw horses in a surgical precision …. his work is well beyond the mere fact of painting an animal, a person or whatever. Indeed, these paintings are deeply detailed, in a surgical precision, his brushstrokes are like scalpels that sculpt the subject…. I would not be surprised, in our time, only “photoshop” could reproduce a subject with such a precision…

I deeply admire the work, the passion, the sweet curves…

It’s true that Gainsborough, Reynolds, John Everett Millais are as welll among the same category of painters but not so deeply surgically precise…..I guess that before the camera or the X-ray, it was the only possibility to have a correct reproduction.

Only for the pleasure to see Stubbs’ work, below some paintings…


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