DRAWING 1 – Perspective – p. 85 to 96

In this chapter, we are going to study aerial or atmospheric perpective

1. Parallel perspective – interior view
I used pastel to colour the drawings

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room in colour

The following drawings are on two pages

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room in colour 2

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room_pencil

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room_pencil 2

Angular perspective

Drawing 1_Angular perspective 1

Drawing 1_Angular perspective_church_ 2

Check and log

1. What problems did I find in executing perspecive drawings
At this stage, I did not really find difficulties as there is one vanishing point to create the perpective

2. Using or not using rulers ?
Using rulers definitively  helps me to draw inside the reality

Exercises about Townscapes

This drawing has been created as I wanted to use lines to really understand how it works….

Drawing 1_Town scape_ Street

Morges – Grand-rue

It was a Saturday but no shine

Drawing 1_Town scape_Morges

On the one below, it’s Lutry, the village where I live, near Lausanne. It’s full of little street, with no straight lines. The drawing on the right was made with the sun behind me. The sun goes on a little tunnel to arrive on a place

Drawing 1_townscape_Morges_2

Once again, it’ Lutry, the Grand-Rue. I used water pens, colour pencils and pastel

Drawing 1_Townscape_Morges in colour

Drawing Statues

This excercise was a bit harder for me….

This is the statue of Fredy Mercury in Montreux…..

Drawing 1_drawing statues_Mercury

This drawing in Place Chauderon in Lausanne gave me some problems …. in fact, I had trouble with the proportions. First, the legs were too long and too large, then the body too wide and too short and finaly I could not put the hand in my drawing. Finally, I really had to concentrate myself on the statue and very well observed details and proportions ….

Drawing 1_drawing statues_place chauderon

Check and log

1. How did I use a limited palette to creat a sense of depth?
Moste of the time, I used dark colour. Sometimes, I use as well the gum to rub out dark to give the effect I want.

2. Did my preliminary sketches give me enough information for my final pieces of work?
I would say that it deeply helps me to see that I am wrong and that my drawing is not what it should be. What I have difficulties, I need to stop drawing and to be in my brain or head …., to observe without a word, to think and take a step back, can be one, two or more days. Then I come back and normaly it works.

3. Would I approach this task differently another time?
Not necessarily. I always need to be in my bubble….I do not really share my drawing when I am drawing it. In fact I do work like that I guess….I do but do not really speak…..

4. Have I got the scale of the buildings right ?
Yes, buidlings are ok. As soon as I have straight lines, it’s usually not a problem.  I do not either have problem to invent a form and create my own fantaisy. Where I can have difficulties it’s when I have to copy something which is more “twisted” and to enter in someone esle logical.

5. Have I captured the colour and atmosphere in my studies?
It’s hard to answer but I really was “in” my drawings and really try to choose the relevant thing. Lutry’s drawings are really close to the reality. It’s a very quiet place with kind of old streets and sometimes with nobody walking.

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