DRAWING 1 – drawing trees

My only problem is that it’s Winter time and trees do not have leave except dry leaves…..

Drawing 1_drawing trees 1_page 98_101

Drawing 1_drawing trees 2_page 98_101

Drawing 1_drawing trees 3_page 98_101

In Switzerland, where I live, we do have fir, beeche, spruce, ash, oak, maple trees, etc….normally, in Spring, Summer and autumn, they have leaves…..not in Winter….

Check and log

-How many different tree types have you drawn ?
I did different kind of firs, beech, spruce which are very commun in Switzerland but it’s hard to see the difference with the leaves…and a dead tree which I do not know what it was !

-What techniques did I use to distinguish each type?
Firs are green, in winter it’s the only tress which is still green. For the others, it’s a bit hard as I am not a specialst and without the leaves, to be honest I do not know!

-What did I do to convey the mass of foliage?
Once again I had no foliage. So I have to drwa from a picture and answer later on….

-How did I handle light and was it successful?
I mainly used the dark and light pencils. When I used colour, I play with a white soft pastel

-Did I manage to select and simplify ?
Without hesitation, the answer is Yes. Perhaps almost unconsciously I immediately canceled what seemed to me a not really punchy as small branches or various herbs to concentrate on trees and their structure. Trunks also seemed to me important, impressive…I could perhaps put more life around trees, leaving bushes, grass around the trunks ….


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