This is what I choosed for the last assignment

black paper
Drawing 1_ass.5_woman in a frame

This one took me about 8 hours. I had a model for one hour and then I did the rest by “guessing”.


For this assessment, I choosed to draw Easter chocolates as still life on A3 and with color pencils and conté pencils.

I did not do any drafts or “essais”. Indeed. below it’s how I processed:

1. I choosed my subject

2. I looked at is for some time to capture the image and imagine how I would then transfer it on A3 paper.

3. I started and often stopped to look at my subject and to adjust to the result I want

It’s maybe not how it has been asked to process but actually, I have difficulties to work with drafts and when I do draft it’s only one draft to put my idea on paper but not “HOW” I will draw it….really hard to explain it !

Drawing 1_Assessment 2_Eastern

On this assessment, it has been asked to select a view from a window or from an open door. I choosed to find a view from the way which goes to my house. It’s good to know that where I live, nothing is flat. Behind the trees at the bottom of the drawing, there is a small path extremely steep.

My main difficulties was the lack of colours as we are in winter time, the sky was blue/white and trees very poor. 

Through this drawing, I tried to highlight this sad winter without color. However, the color of the houses is quite correct. Mine is very white and the other light brown not very pigmented …
Drawing 1 - Perspective_assessment 3
This A3 sheet and I used colour and conté pencils and I worked with pastel for the white

I had to choose a free subject and a own drawing media but I had to take into consideration the following:

  • understanding of the use of colour
  • understanding of the most appropriate  choice of medium for the subject and skill in using it
  • ability to set up an interesting composition
  • variety in mark-making, depth, contrast and tone
  • accuracy and demonstrable understanding of form

So I first start to put some bottles and glasses on the table and try to draw using only one line but the result was not what I wanted, so I stopped and I just looked at the objects and then finally I drawn the drawing below with the idea  to use negative spaces….

But I was not happy with the result. Indeed, I wanted to have a very lacquered surface so I choosed colour pencils first and then some pastel oil but still, not happy with the result, and I got the conclusion that I choosed the wrong subject and idea. Indeed, to have a lacquered surface I should have used acryl which would have been perfect for the result I wanted…..but I wanted more precision as well on my drawing and more contrast so I decided to start another one where the issues asked would be more respected as, in my point f view, was not the case in my first drawing.

So I choosed, this time a bouquet of flowers with a lot of leaves and some winter flowers. I choosed to draw only a little part of it and I add some fake butterflies and caterpillars as I have plastic ones…..

For this one I used black pencils, colour pencils, graphite pencils, marker pens, oil pastel.

The result is more colorful, contrasted with depth and light and I guess interesting. The choice of medium was much better for this composition.