Check and log

1. Did I find it easy to approach the figure as a whole or were distracted by détails of the sitter’s dress ?
A : First I look at the whole but when I my drawing is almost done….I look at the details and can spend hours on them !

2. How did I create volume in the folds of fabric?
A : I mainly use dark and light to create volume, to give life

3. Does the finished drawing give a sense of the figure beneath the fabric?
A : It dépends how you draw it….by using lines and play with, again, light and dark, you can give the idea of a body beneath the clothes

4. How would I tackle a drawing like this again?
A : I can tell now that I will first build the structure, the base, put certain lines and will then work ont the details


1. how accurately did I depict the overall proportions of the figure ?

A: In fact I needed to concentrate to depict correctly the figure. Now with my drawing class I can see when something is wrong by taking distance from my work….


2. Did I try to imahgine the sitter’s skeleton and muscles ? Did this help me to convey figure’s structure and form ?

A: Clearly NO! The skeleton is of no importance when I draw a model. I am  much more concentrated on the light and dark, the lines and the global form…..