For this assessment, I choosed to draw Easter chocolates as still life on A3 and with color pencils and conté pencils.

I did not do any drafts or “essais”. Indeed. below it’s how I processed:

1. I choosed my subject

2. I looked at is for some time to capture the image and imagine how I would then transfer it on A3 paper.

3. I started and often stopped to look at my subject and to adjust to the result I want

It’s maybe not how it has been asked to process but actually, I have difficulties to work with drafts and when I do draft it’s only one draft to put my idea on paper but not “HOW” I will draw it….really hard to explain it !

Drawing 1_Assessment 2_Eastern

For this part, I have a serious problem as I do not have a real model…

Drawing 1_académique 2 Drawing 1_académique Drawing 1_académique 3 Drawing 1_académique 4 Drawing 1_académique 5Drawing 1_académique 6  Drawing 1_académique 9 Drawing 1_académique 8 Drawing 1_académique 7 Drawing 1_académique 10 Drawing 1_académique 11 Drawing 1_académique 12 Drawing 1_académique 15 Drawing 1_académique 14 Drawing 1_académique 13 Drawing 1_académique 16

Drawing 1_académique 19Drawing 1_académique 17 Drawing 1_académique 18

Drawing 1_académique 21 Drawing 1_académique 20

Check and log

– How well did I managed to capture the poses ? what could be improved?
I do not have people who posed or only for two minutes. For some drawings, I was in the bus or in a “café” and discretely tried to draw people…..but otherwise, I tried to remember how it could be but what I oberved is that I am more at ease with “cerebral” drawing. I have difficulties not going into details and to explain thinks when I draw…. What I want to say is that I can draw without a model but the process will be very “concentrated” to see what could be improved day after day….What I have as well observed is that some days my drawings are ok whereas some other days, they look like “nothing”!

I need to learn how to do a fast draw and to give with only a few lines the right energy….

– Do I think that my fugures balanced ? If not where did you go wrong?
Some drawings are not too bad but some are totally unbalanced. It linked with what I wrote above. When I tried to draw “fast”, it doesn’t really work…

– How did I go about conveying a sense of energy?
I need to improve the fast lines. I definitively draw with too much brain….

On this assessment, it has been asked to select a view from a window or from an open door. I choosed to find a view from the way which goes to my house. It’s good to know that where I live, nothing is flat. Behind the trees at the bottom of the drawing, there is a small path extremely steep.

My main difficulties was the lack of colours as we are in winter time, the sky was blue/white and trees very poor. 

Through this drawing, I tried to highlight this sad winter without color. However, the color of the houses is quite correct. Mine is very white and the other light brown not very pigmented …
Drawing 1 - Perspective_assessment 3
This A3 sheet and I used colour and conté pencils and I worked with pastel for the white

My only problem is that it’s Winter time and trees do not have leave except dry leaves…..

Drawing 1_drawing trees 1_page 98_101

Drawing 1_drawing trees 2_page 98_101

Drawing 1_drawing trees 3_page 98_101

In Switzerland, where I live, we do have fir, beeche, spruce, ash, oak, maple trees, etc….normally, in Spring, Summer and autumn, they have leaves…..not in Winter….

Check and log

-How many different tree types have you drawn ?
I did different kind of firs, beech, spruce which are very commun in Switzerland but it’s hard to see the difference with the leaves…and a dead tree which I do not know what it was !

-What techniques did I use to distinguish each type?
Firs are green, in winter it’s the only tress which is still green. For the others, it’s a bit hard as I am not a specialst and without the leaves, to be honest I do not know!

-What did I do to convey the mass of foliage?
Once again I had no foliage. So I have to drwa from a picture and answer later on….

-How did I handle light and was it successful?
I mainly used the dark and light pencils. When I used colour, I play with a white soft pastel

-Did I manage to select and simplify ?
Without hesitation, the answer is Yes. Perhaps almost unconsciously I immediately canceled what seemed to me a not really punchy as small branches or various herbs to concentrate on trees and their structure. Trunks also seemed to me important, impressive…I could perhaps put more life around trees, leaving bushes, grass around the trunks ….

In this chapter, we are going to study aerial or atmospheric perpective

1. Parallel perspective – interior view
I used pastel to colour the drawings

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room in colour

The following drawings are on two pages

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room in colour 2

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room_pencil

Drawing 1_Parallel perspective_room_pencil 2

Angular perspective

Drawing 1_Angular perspective 1

Drawing 1_Angular perspective_church_ 2

Check and log

1. What problems did I find in executing perspecive drawings
At this stage, I did not really find difficulties as there is one vanishing point to create the perpective

2. Using or not using rulers ?
Using rulers definitively  helps me to draw inside the reality

Exercises about Townscapes

This drawing has been created as I wanted to use lines to really understand how it works….

Drawing 1_Town scape_ Street

Morges – Grand-rue

It was a Saturday but no shine

Drawing 1_Town scape_Morges

On the one below, it’s Lutry, the village where I live, near Lausanne. It’s full of little street, with no straight lines. The drawing on the right was made with the sun behind me. The sun goes on a little tunnel to arrive on a place

Drawing 1_townscape_Morges_2

Once again, it’ Lutry, the Grand-Rue. I used water pens, colour pencils and pastel

Drawing 1_Townscape_Morges in colour

Drawing Statues

This excercise was a bit harder for me….

This is the statue of Fredy Mercury in Montreux…..

Drawing 1_drawing statues_Mercury

This drawing in Place Chauderon in Lausanne gave me some problems …. in fact, I had trouble with the proportions. First, the legs were too long and too large, then the body too wide and too short and finaly I could not put the hand in my drawing. Finally, I really had to concentrate myself on the statue and very well observed details and proportions ….

Drawing 1_drawing statues_place chauderon

Check and log

1. How did I use a limited palette to creat a sense of depth?
Moste of the time, I used dark colour. Sometimes, I use as well the gum to rub out dark to give the effect I want.

2. Did my preliminary sketches give me enough information for my final pieces of work?
I would say that it deeply helps me to see that I am wrong and that my drawing is not what it should be. What I have difficulties, I need to stop drawing and to be in my brain or head …., to observe without a word, to think and take a step back, can be one, two or more days. Then I come back and normaly it works.

3. Would I approach this task differently another time?
Not necessarily. I always need to be in my bubble….I do not really share my drawing when I am drawing it. In fact I do work like that I guess….I do but do not really speak…..

4. Have I got the scale of the buildings right ?
Yes, buidlings are ok. As soon as I have straight lines, it’s usually not a problem.  I do not either have problem to invent a form and create my own fantaisy. Where I can have difficulties it’s when I have to copy something which is more “twisted” and to enter in someone esle logical.

5. Have I captured the colour and atmosphere in my studies?
It’s hard to answer but I really was “in” my drawings and really try to choose the relevant thing. Lutry’s drawings are really close to the reality. It’s a very quiet place with kind of old streets and sometimes with nobody walking.

Clouds were a bit harder. In fact, I think that especially for the clouds, you need the right support and the right media. Indeed it’s really much better not to have a white or off white paper for exemple….Clouds need times and observation and they go with a global composition….

The first drawing was very “shy”…..

Drawing 1_Outdoor_Clouds

The second one a bit more “assured” but not really cloudy

Drawing 1_Outdoor_Clouds 3

The third one just better…

Drawing 1_Outdoor_Clouds 2

Clouds need time and practice. I guess you only get the result you want by drawing and drawing again….

I am still in the Lavaux and the path is all but traight. It goes first down and then up but the path is very narrow and goes behind the hill. You have the Geneva lake behing the houses.

Drawing 1_Outdoor_Plotting space through compoaition and structure 2

This is a vew from my kitchen….again nothing straight but very deep on some places and it goes  very up on some other places. The houses give the impression of being one of the other.


Drawing 1_Outdoor_Plotting space through compoaition and structure