In fact, I am not really sure that we can classify these paintings as “Pop Art”….if someone has a better idea, pls let me know!!

2005  Coll. Portraits - Republican's wife, huile, or, argent sur toile 50x50


2008 Coll. Portraits - Miss posh Acryl sur toile 80 x 60 2001 Coll. Portraits - Republicans' White head acryl sur toile 40x50  2008 Coll. Portraits - Me, Myself & I acryl 80 x 100 2005  Coll. Portraits - Miss Lady huile or 23 sur toile 30x30 2010 Coll. Portraits - Michael Jackson 100 x 100 acryl surt toile   2009 Coll. Portraits - Democrates'wife - acryl sur toile 60x80


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